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Aghori Tantra Baba

Happy to share my new track titled, "Connectin' Ancient Tribes" on Mexican Dark Psytrance Label, BioMechanix Records is out now as part of a free high quality compilation titled "VA - Transmutation".

Download the Full Compilation in:



1. KanibaL HolokausT - District Nine

2. Paul Karma Vs Satyrus - Crimes In Space   

3. Krono Psy Vs Spunke - Noise Corruption

4. Twisted Kala - Mind Process   

5. Chemical Spoon - Tanzmit

6. Psy4tecks - Seeds   

7. Micozatka - Nuclear Detonation   

8. Speed Demon - Wake Up Motherfucker (Remix)

9. Hanuman - Madness In The Gland   

10.Aghori Tantra Baba   - Connecting Ancient Tribes

Also Stay Tooned for new tracks, "Lonely Desert Knights" on Sonic Tantra Compilation, "VA - Dancing in the Desert" and "Eat The Drum Beat" on Sonic Tantra Compilation, "VA - The Last Point". Plus a few more releases on other labels coming up soooon! Stay T00nED!

New supa dark monster of a sound wave is out now. Grab it now for free on Sonic Tantra Rec's compilation "VA - Sonic Shamans".

The days were a bit too khooni and so it splattered everywhere, transcending out from the skull, it entered my system as well.   Powerful portals opening to new secret dimensions presented themselves in all their glory. It was surely going to be fun exploring them, but it required a certain damned beat to make sure, I don't fall down. So I got on the damned beat, but then out of nowhere the khooni khopdi took control...  

Aghori Tantra Baba  TanTriK

Aghori Tantra Baba  TanTriK is dark psychedelic trance music project from India since 2003. This is the official website to get news, updates and listen to this music!

Also do not forget to check out my progressive psytrance project Neological Vibration!

A Massive Remix of Mexican Psychedelic Trance artist, Brains & Bones' song, Demented Soul is now up for grabs along with the rest of the album titled "C.R.A.N.E.O.S".

Enjoy mindblasting grooves and intense euphoria @ 180 bpm on this thundering release.

You can get a copy of the remix track and the complete Brains & Bones album here.

Aghori Baba, Provides highly effective astrological solutions for all problems of one's life like Love affairs, Love marriages, Health problems, Business Problems, Black magic (Jadu-Tona ) Problems and other problems in Relationships.

Baba Ji solves all your Problems by Astrology, Horoscope, Hypnotism, Black Magic, mantra tantra etc . Vashikaran is best way to get you dreams, becausevashikaran works like Hypnotism, mind wash. vashikarn is a best way to get your love.


Did you lost your true lover? Or Do you Love someone but she/he doesn't ? Get your love Back By Vashikaran by Aghori Tantra Baba .

If you love/loved someone truly but you couldn't get him/her .Now its possible with the help of Hypnotism ( Vashikaran a Tantra Power) , by wchich you can definitely possess one's mind absolutely as per your wishes or dreams. Whether he/she is married or unmarried, younger or elder, from any caste or religion or even angry with you but he/she will becomes of you within a few days. He/she will fall in love and can't live without you.

So don't delay and Contact Baba and fulfill your wish. Get your Love Back.


Hypnotism is the mode to possess one's mind in accordance with your wish. Hypnotism is done with the help of Tantra Powers.

You can use Hypnotism ( Vashikaran ) for fulfill your following wishes :

To Get your True love

To Get your lost love back

To Get your love back

To attract any Girl/Boy towards you by heart.

To make your or your partner's parents to Love Marriage

To solve the problems between any Relationship

To Control the mind of husband/wife or a desired person.

To improve professional and personal relationships with others.

All Type of Love Spell to get lost love or to get love back

To win favors from others, exert pressure and control over them, and get what you want from them.

To create a good impression on others and create love and affection in their hearts and minds.